This is a nice summary of the Research Bazaar conference held in Melbourne last week. We learnt various programming languages and did other researchy-type things. This was the first ResBaz but I think it was so successful there’ll be more. Read more about it here!

Rosanna's Research

ResBaz, or Research Bazaar, was hosted this year for the first time at the University of Melbourne and I got to attend this awesome conference (so did a couple of other QAECOlogists, check Saras Windecker’s blogpst for an impression). ResBaz is all about open science, sharing, collaborating and getting the message out there. To make this happen, the attending researchers were trained in digital tools such as R, MATLAB, Phython, mapping software and version control.

I only attended two streams, R and SQL (databases), but because of all the mingling with fellow researchers under the big bazaar tent (as well as twittering, lots of twittering!), I also got a good impression of all the other great stuff that’s out there. I have to say, it’s good to know what all the options are when doing your research. If you missed the conference, here’s a list of all the cool…

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